Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

The Bronx Gridlock crushed the Brooklyn Bombshells last night with a sore of 120 something to 45 something. I can't remember exactly. But roller derby is damn good!

If you're local, check out the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Next match is June 28 Brooklyn versus Queens.

Of course, my favorite part are the names. Beatrix Slaughter wins my vote, but I also give props to Auntie Christ, Luna Impact, SheRAW, Raggedy Animal and Beyonslay.


Fujisan said...

Yay, roller derby! Actually, I retired from the Windy City Rollers at the end of last season because it was taking too much valuable time away from playing with my daughter.

If you run into Hambone or Flying Squirrel (two GGRD refs) tell them that Wes Sabi says hi!

Major Generalist said...

Hey Fujisan!
Hambone AND Flying Squirrel were both there! Had I only cool that you were a part of it, Wes Sabi :)