Saturday, October 13, 2007

Monorail cat

Ok, I'm sure the majority of the planet has already seen this, but I've finally gotten wind of and LOLcats. I'm not normally predisposed to this sort of thing, but this is a winner:

monorail cat


Fujisan said...

You should totally apply for this internship!

Social Marketing Intern
Company Name: I Can Has Cheezburger?
City: Seattle
State: Washington

We are looking for upbeat, smart and happy interns to help put moar cheez on the burgers — so to speak. The intern will work on our social marketing, help fulfill t-shirt sales, answer emails from totally random people, bathe Happy Cat (j/k!) and fill in where needed.


* Deep and wide-ranging understanding of popular culture (TV, intertubes, geek, movies, music, games, anime, news…)

* Awsumness. 0.00012 or higher on the Chuck Norris scale.

Please send your resume to:

Major Generalist said...

My next job lead!!! Hooray! I'll be sure to apply as soon as I win that $300m lottery.