Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making Web Sites

Here today
Gone the next
Into this world and then back out
The complexity of this world
The tangibility of this world
Being born
Coming into this life
Only to leave
Grandpa fought in the great war
That was his time
Twisted arm afflicted
His death from disease
Years later
He saw radio
He saw tv
The internet a mystery
We sit in a meeting today
Ad agency life
Working on a project
Could be the future
Could be the past
But only we can be here because we are now
Or only special because we exist
But who is tomorrow
What is tomorrow
When we are no more?
Can’t be lonely in the present because everyone is here
Until an exit we can’t predict
Death is any time between now and a life span
See you again
In an office chair
In a café
In a cave