Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jake the Betta Fish, RIP

Jake the Betta fish died today, presumably around 3 pm at the age of 2 years and 9 months (at least, the time I knew him). Betta fish only live about 2 years, so his age was remarkable--he lived nearly a third longer than expected. He was consistently energetic throughout his life, which differed somewhat from Telly, my other fish who passed away at under two years.

Even though some would say he was just a fish, we had a kind of communion. He would swim near me while I watched TV, and chase my finger along the side of the bowl. He fell ill the past few weeks, and as his life slowed down, he still managed to move himself near me when I was sitting near his bowl and look directly at me.

He was buried at 6:45 p.m. in the garden of my new building. A piece of brick marks the spot. I'm sorry he died in a strange new place he wasn't used to, but I am glad to have had him in my life, something alive to come home to and to take care of.

This photo ended up being unintentionally appropriate. "Memorial" is framed above him.

RIP, Jake. You were a good fish.


shantielise said...

aw, so sorry to hear about jake. i'm happy to have met him.

jami said...

Sorry to hear about Jake!

GShap said...

Oh my goodness! We're so sorry to hear about Jake. He was a beautiful betta, so proud of his colors. We were lucky enough to have lived next to him and even took care of him for a few days. He was a pleasure to be around. Hang in there MG.

Drink Chai said...

Death is the only certainty and therefore a truth.

Jake was lovely and loved the way he made you think.