Monday, July 21, 2008

Co-op board application

In case anyone is wondering what eight copies of a co-op board application looks like, here it is.


  • Application forms (which include the SELLER'S social security number. Why would I have this?)
  • Contract of sale
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Three statements from every financial account a person has
  • Last three pay stubs
  • Last two years tax returns
  • Six letters of recommendation
  • Various signed agreements (house rules, window guards, etc.)
  • Checks for move-in fees and credit report: $750
Cost: $75.00 for the copies, $50.00 to ship it.

It's worse than a college application.


jami said...

Dang! I was barely comfortable giving that to my mortgage lenders, and you've got to share it all with your PROSPECTIVE neighbors?

Major Generalist said...

YES! Can you believe it? And it's actually more comprehensive than what I needed to get a mortgage. My mortgage application was half the amount you see here. It's totally freaky to give EVERYTHING about me to my potential neighbors.

shantielise said...

If you are approved, do you get to have all their information and recommendations? How are you supposed to know if THEY are acceptable neighbors??

Anonymous said...

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