Sunday, May 11, 2008

What direction are we going, Jet Blue?

As I was flying down to Houston this weekend, I was happy to be traveling with Jet Blue. TV really does make the flights go faster.

And I like to watch the altimeter on the descent. You can see from the image that the dots originate in New York and move towards Houston. For most of the flight, the plane pointed in the correct direction, but then at the last moment, it flipped around backwards, aiming towards the the red dots from which it came. An amusing user interface error or were we spinning out of control, at least virtually?

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jami said...

On a flight to Italy, we had to turn around for some technical reason and dump a bunch of fuel over the Atlantic (so we wouldn't be too heavy to land or something). Great for the fish, I know. You should've seen my brother-in-law's face go white as he watched the little blip on the map turning around...