Saturday, March 15, 2008

Worry-Free Dinners for the Allergically-Inclined

Guess what? If you have beaucoup food allergies and intolerances (nuts, gluten, milk, soy, you name it), AND you live in New York City, there is now a new diner's club especially for you: Worry-Free Dinners™. The group was founded by Allergic Girl, who has a phenomenal blog on eating allergy-free around New York.

Their description:
"Worry-Free Dinners™ is a membership group for anyone who has manageable food allergies and/or food intolerances and would like to explore restaurants, chefs and foodservice organizations that will offer an exclusive allergy-friendly meal."

I just joined, and I can't wait! How nice will it be to go to a restaurant and not have to scour the menu and plead with the waitstaff for substitutions? So exciting! Check it out!


Kathleen said...

This is a great idea! I'm surprised there isn't a vegetarian option on this first menu, though. I imagine there are a lot of wheat/gluten-free veggies out there...

Major Generalist said...

I can't speak for Allergic Girl, but I'm guessing the meals are tailored to those who are attending. You have to fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about your dietary restrictions, so if a vegetarian were to join, I would imagine they'd accommodate that.

Also, my understanding is that each dinner will have a particular focus, so I would guess there may be an exclusively vegetarian dinner in the future. Write to her and ask for one!

Allergic Girl said...

hay major, thanks for the kind link!

if i may jump in here, we can totally accommodate a veggie/vegan option on this first meal.

and yes i am contracting with a well known vegan joint for just that thing, a WFd that is vegan/veggie!

the dinners will be tailored to a particular group, so once you become a member you can pick and choose which worry-free dinner is right for you.

we'd love to have you!

hey major, are you coming to this first one?

Major Generalist said...

Hey Allergic Girl,
Thanks for your post. I had a hunch there would be opportunities for most restricted diners.

I'm so bummed! I'll be on vacation for the first dinner. But I am guaranteed to be there for the second!

See you soon,

Allergic Girl said...

looking forward to then, then!