Sunday, January 13, 2008

Odds 'n ends

It's about time I get myself back to writing. The Xmas break threw me off my game. I don't have a specific topic at the moment, but here are a few things on my mind of late:

I realized that following all this political stuff is kind of a head-case exercise. It's all about untestable hypotheses. One of the predictions I read: if Bloomberg decides to run as Independent in February, it will split the vote between him and Hillary and McCain will win the presidency. It's all wheel spinning until the election results are in. It sort of reminds me of my mental state when I get too intellectual and disconnect from my feelings. It's as though the culture is doing that at large with no way to ground itself. I'm coming to view it as an unhealthy cultural sickness. All of this time spent on conjecture is time all of us could be doing other, more relevant things with our life. But, what else do we really have to do with our collective time, and how else can we construct a national dialog that anyone can participate in? I guess it fills a gap in between moments when we're shopping.

The L Word is a freakshow horror. It makes Cashmere Mafia look like Shakespeare. Ilene Chaiken should be ashamed of herself. She couldn't write her way out of a paper bag. I think so poorly of this show that I'm not even going to construct an argument as to why it's such an embarrassing piece of drivel. Watch it for yourself to see how trashy, lame, and boring it is. It was never particularly good, but it has gone from bad to worse. There's no "so bad it's good" factor at work. It just blows chunks. Plots and characters are constructed in a way that is illogical, choppy, and inconsistent. If this represents the most talented of the Hollywood lesbian writers, no wonder we're stuck in a cultural ghetto. And with this shit as what we have to offer to the larger world, clearly we deserve to be right where we are.

Pilates is a joy. So much better than yoga. What was I thinking? I was spending time on yoga when it turns out I didn't have to be stuck in downward dog. Instead I can be strengthening my muscles and having a good time, too. More exercise with less pretense. Hooray!

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Gonzo said...

I know. yoga sucks! :)