Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thank God it's a tax write-off

Mr. Jobs has dropped the price of the iPhone by $200.


We iPhone owners paid the price to be early adopters.

Maybe we really are just fools after all.

But then I hold it in my hands and I'm charmed. Ach, I'm a sucker!


Gil said...

I want one and now I can have one!
I would be mucho pissed off if I were you though...

you should try to get them to pay your difference!

amc said...

Something to check in the CC agreement of the card you used: Doesn't AmEx (or maybe it's another CC...) have some sort of buyer protection plan regarding pricing?

Looking for an angle where you can have your cake and iPhone too.

Major Generalist said...

Rumor has it Apple is giving us all $100 in-store gift certificates. Yeah, I'll take it, but not really what I want...even an iTunes gift certificate might be better.